Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ryan and Tiffany's Wedding Weekend

Chris and I had the opportunity to meet up in Utah for Ryan and Tiffany's wedding two weeks ago! The wedding was beautiful! On the day after we got to hang out in Provo for a little bit. It was SO nice to be back there. I know it sounds weird but I have really missed Provo and BYU. It feels really strange to not be going back in a couple of weeks. Provo is just such a safe and comforting place. We know our way around there and have friends there. And we got to see a few of them! We also stopped by the bookstore to stock up on BYU gear and visited Ryan and Tiffany's new apartment to help them move some stuff in.
We felt really sad as we drove out of Happy Valley and headed to Colorado for Saturday's reception. It was so fun to visit Colorado! Chris hadn't been home for a long time. The extended family was so good to see and the reception was gorgeous.
We are so excited for Ryan and Tiffany and just wish we were still in Provo to hang out!

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  1. looks soo fun. And I feel the same way about Provo! It was where we all lived and met our spouses! It's just sad that time is over now and we have to be old now :( But I miss Colorado too and the family! Wedding looked gorg! How fun!!!