Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Does it look like we had a fun weekend? Because boy did we.
Chris and I started the weekend early with a trip downtown to see Les Mis (Merry Christmas to me!) Friday Chris got off work a little bit early and Jax and I met him for some delicious Pho.
We spent Saturday morning wandering around the Cherry Creek Farmers Market with Rebecca and Jason (and didn't take any pictures unfortunately) and then Jax and I played while Chris met up with some friends for a round of golf.
Aren't Sundays the greatest when its a three day weekend? After church we relaxed and enjoyed some family snuggles (Joey included of course) before I threw myself into preparing a Sunday feast complete with some of our favorite foods.
Monday we enjoyed the day off by spending the entire day outside. We met up with the Kellys and Hills at Castlewood Canyon State Park for hiking, creek wading, grilling and soaking up the summer (finally!) sun.
Needless to say, Tuesday morning was a huge bummer. Love this little family on mine!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Quick Trip to Austin

A few weeks ago Chris found out that he had to be down in Texas to train some people in a few different cities. We quickly took advantage of the situation and found me a ticket down for a quick weekend of house hunting. And by house I mean apartment. Hooray for a return to student life! But in all seriousness we are really excited. And we found an awesome place super close to campus! Even though I was only really there for 48ish hours, it was fun to drive around and explore our new home to be.
Jax and I did great on our first solo flight despite a blowout at 30,000 feet but boy, were we glad to see Daddy.
Chris took us to the edge of campus for a stop into The Co-Op. Holy moly. Imagine anything that could be branded with a Texas logo and then multiply it by ten. Everything from every kind of piece of clothing to Texas duct tape and Texas Yahtzee. Amazing.
Chris's friend from his intern days with the Houston Astros was nice enough to let us stay at his family's lake house on Lake Austin. It was a gorgeous place to enjoy some beautiful Texas spring weather and it was fun to see him again and meet his sweet girlfriend.
Jax was a trooper and slept in his car seat the two nights we were there. He also enjoyed some quality outdoor time (quickly becoming one of his favorite things) and we had fun watching daddy try to hit some golf balls across the lake.
Before heading out on the rest of our house hunt, Chris took me out for Mother's Day brunch. We ate at a fun place downtown and even got to sit outside.
Moving is hard. As excited as we are for our next chapter, we both had separate moments of sadness where it kind of hit us that we're really leaving Denver. Luckily it's an easy flight and we have friends and family that have promised to visit. And we'll all be together. And that's whats most important.

Jackson's First Baseball Game

Warning: This was a BIG DEAL to us so there are a lot of pictures of pretty much the same thing coming up. But they're all adorable so come on!:)

We are definitely a sports family - that's what happens when your husband knows everything about everything (and I mean everything) going on in the sports world and has even worked for two professional baseball teams as well as one minor league team and one college team.

So, naturally we've been very excited to take our little American boy to his first baseball game. Lucky for us we got to go with some of our great friends and also lucky for us, we saw an amazing game!

The night after our red eye back from Hawaii we met up with the group (plus Dane and Aimee in from Boston - hooray!) for dinner at Cafe Rio (of course) and a game on Blake Street between the Rockies and the Rays.

Jax ended up sleeping most of the game and being a tinnnny bit cranky for the rest of it - poor kid was jet lagged and confused about why we went from extremely warm to annoyingly cold in 24 crazy hours. The game was a great Rockies win complete with two home runs, a grand slam and a final score of 9 - 3. Can't wait to go to another one soon!

Four Months

Behind again... Or right on time? Two weeks late seems to be the new normal, at least I'm consistent! Jackson turned four months old on May 1st while we were in Hawaii (post to come soon hopefully!). Time is going wayyyy too quickly but I think this age has been my favorite so far. Over the past several weeks Jax has become tons more alert, interactive and vocal. His little personality is shining though and he is such a happy and easy baby. In his fourth month Jax took his first flights and traveled to Utah and Hawaii like a champ. We are both so obsessed with this little person and miss him when it's bedtime every night. I just can't get enough.

At Four Months Jax:
Weighs 12lbs 8oz (TINY!)
Is 24 3/4 inches long
Rolls from back to front with ease and then sometimes continues back onto his back the other way
Laughs out loud
Blows lots of raspberries
Sleeps consistently in his crib
Loves looking in the mirror
Smiles at everyone
"Talks" all the time
Loves sucking on his hands but has chosen his left thumb as his favorite finger
Reaches for and grabs things given to him
Loves to put everything in his mouth
Drools a LOT
Enjoys chewing on our fingers
Has eyes that have almost turned all the way brown
Has hair that is looking more and more blonde

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Utah Weekend

About a month ago we jetted out to Utah (baby Jackson's first flight!) to celebrate Tyler going through the temple for the first time before he goes on his mission in July. We had a blast getting to spend time with family and just being back in Utah for a few days. Here are some of our trip highlights:

Jax did great on his first flight and it was so nice to have it be such a short and easy one. We also lucked out to be at the airport at the same time as my cousin Michele who was passing through from California.
As soon as we got to Utah we headed to a huge family dinner at a delicious Italian restaurant in downtown Salt Lake.
We had to hit up J Dawgs of course. Even yummier than I remembered. Fun to visit their new (to us) brick and mortar store too.
Showing the little bug around BYU.
On Friday night we met up with a bunch of the cousins at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to celebrate my Great Aunt and Uncle's upcoming 50th Anniversary. It was great to see the whole crew again and for them to meet Jax.
After dinner we wandered around Temple Square and then headed over to check out City Creek.
Saturday morning was beautiful with Ty at the temple. I'm so proud of him, he will be an amazing missionary!
Post temple celebration at The Red Iguana = Food coma
Jax with Uncles Justin and Tyler, a yummy stop at Zupa's, and watching the Masters with Uncle Ryan
Until next time, Utah!