Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to School

This is my friend Rebecca. You should probably check out her fashion blog. In college we were known as the "Wonder Twins." Well these twins are teaming up again to take on Graphic Design class at the Art Institute of Colorado starting tomorrow night. Can't wait!

I Should Probably Mention...

Chris is busy living the consultant life. And I am busy being a consultant's wife. Pretty much, Chris travels every Monday through Thursday. He has been going to San Jose California the past month or so. That is why everything I blog about happens on the weekend haha thats the time that he's home! Needless to say its been an adjustment and there are definitely harder weeks than others. We just both feel lucky that Chris has such a good job where he is learning a lot and building his network. So the Bernals are doing the long distance thing again. Good thing we're pros!

Gateway Getaway

Friday evening Chris and I jumped in the car and headed to Grand Junction for the weekend for the wedding of one of Chris's cousins. We got into town and headed straight to visit our friends Dane and Aimee. We were there pretty late once we all got to talking and had a lot of fun getting to catch up. Saturday morning Chris, his dad Jim and Dane went golfing. When they got back we headed down to Gateway, CO for the wedding. Gateway Canyons is a resort that the owner of Discovery Channel developed several years ago as the next ritzy western retreat. Unfortunately the bad economy hit and the resort is pretty underused. It was still a gorgeous venue for an outdoor wedding.
Beautiful scenery. It almost looked like somewhere in Arizona.
After the ceremony.
Some of the resort.
 After the reception we headed back to Grand Junction and then enjoyed the rest of the night and next morning relaxing. Then we had some yummy teriyaki kabobs for lunch and headed home. Please note: this trip was the first time I have ever seen the Denver to Grand Junction-Grand Junction to Denver drive not in the snow. It was beautiful.
The Colorado River was so high the whole drive. Here it is bright red and muddy in Glenwood Canyon.
I love roadtripping with my love.
The Rockies are simple the best.

4th of July

In the 3.5 years that Chris and I have been together we have never spent a 4th of July together! We have always just been apart during the summer. This year we finally got to celebrate together. We started the day with the ward breakfast at a nearby park, went house hunting (just for fun), watched some 24 and then got together with some friends in the evening for a local fireworks show. Even though our fireworks were cut a little bit short (scroll down for details), we had a great independence day.
Our fireworks event bracelets to be able to get into the local park for the community show.

Before we could get to the grad finale the small field where the fireworks were being shot off caught on fire! Definitely a memorable show.