Monday, August 23, 2010


My sweet amazing mother has a very special birthday tomorrow! I wish I could be there to help her celebrate, she is seriously just the best. Here are 10 awesome things about my mom:)
1. She is gorgeous. I mean really. People say sometimes that I have her pretty smile... lucky me!
2. She has never once been on the sidelines of anything with our family. She is always right there with us doing everything from always being the mom to help with our school events, to never missing a sports event to snorkeling, rafting, camel riding and ATVing. Hard. Core.
3. She is the most creative woman EVER. She always makes the simplest most mundane things fun. Instead of walks to get our energy out when we were little, we went exploring for treasure. Instead of letting us play quietly, she always threw herself into our games of make believe.
4. She has always been an amazing teacher. She used to help us (sometimes still does:) write all of our papers for school, improvised with us on all of our school projects and helped us study for all of our tests. She has also been an amazing spiritual instructor throughout our lives.
5. She has the travel bug and graciously passed it onto us. She is the best travel planner and trip buddy out there.
6. She is the most selfless person and has given up everything for us and our family. Our home has always been filled with the most incredible love.
7. She is hilarious and also laughs really easily. Her laugh is always infectious!

8. She is a fabulous entertainer. She always loves having company over whether friends or family and planning/ throwing parties. And those parties are always off the chain.

9. She is SUCH a good cook. And never complains about having to (something I am trying to master haha). She is always coming up with yummy new things to try or putting a new twist on other people's recipes.

10. She is the greatest listener. I can talk to her about anything and she always listens and then also gives the best advice! I trust her opinion and advice so much and am so thankful for her constant availability to me and her inspired guidance.

I would be nothing without my angel mother. I love you, Mom!

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