Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happenings Big and Small

Went to a Nuggets playoff game with some friends from church and had amazing seats! Five rows up!
We could even see the TV guys really well

Left on a jet plane for a weekend in Utah
It was good to be back...even though it snowed
Caught a baseball game

Went to Tiffany's graduation
Went to Shannan's wedding reception
Got together with Raechel and Kathryn

AKA the Sanity Group 
Yummy dinner at Tucanos
The whole fam
Made a stop at The Chocolate
Came home from Utah and then watched 5 kids from the ward from Thursday morning until Sunday night. Parents for a weekend!
These kids loved Chris. Here he is with the three youngest.
Switched my closet from winter to summer! (Right in time for a freak May snowstorm. No joke.)
Went to the Denver Zoo for the first time with two friends from the ward and their kids.
We are livin' and lovin' life! So excited for it to be summer soon!