Wednesday, March 13, 2013

While Dad is away, we will play!

Chris left for Florida today. He'll only be gone a few days unlike a few weeks ago when he was gone for the whole week (ahhhhhh). I must say I LOVE having a little buddy to keep me company while Daddy's away.

Two Months

I swear this little babe gets cuter and cuter every minute. I could literally eat his sweet cheeks. I can't believe Jax turned two months old on the 1st. He is such a sweet and spunky baby with more personality coming out each day. Sometimes I get emotional just rocking him to sleep or holding him when he cries. He is just already growing too fast, I can't believe it. He is such a joy and amazes and entertains us every single day.

At Two Months Jax:
Weighs in at 11lbs 2 ounces
Is 23 inches long
Got his first shots (SO sad:)
Loves to suck on his hands, coo and kick his feet
Loves tummy time and can push himself over from front to back
Focuses on things close to him
Loves riding in the car, cuddling and sleeping in his bouncer
Has finally outgrown his newborn clothes
Is wearing size 1 diapers