Friday, August 13, 2010

bro on a mission

This is my cute little brother. He is an amazing missionary.
I just had to share a very "Justin" part of his letter from this week:
"While on splits we did, however, have the opportunity to go to this members house for lunch. They are Hispanic and we had...tongue tacos! (beef tongue) haha yep I ate La Lengua and Dad, I could barely eat it -- not cuz it was bad at all, it was actually really good and tender and tasty with the tortillas and the lime juice and the crema and all but no, it was because all I could think of was Dad saying (I swear he's said this before) "Tongue is the only food that while you're tasting it, it's tasting you back!" haha but I managed cuz it WAS good and yeah, that was different than the norm for me."
Maybe this is only funny to me....I don't know. He's the best and I miss him!!
Check out the blog I'm doing for him here.

In other news:
I had my last day of work today!!
So that means I will be back to blogging STAT. Lots to say and tell!
(I've been writing them all in my head:)



  1. :] my sneaky Valentines rose! haha. I miss him...thank you so much for doing his blog. You're the best!

  2. ASHLEY!! It was so good to hear from you! And yes I am a BloGgEr!! And am Officially following your blog so I can stay updated on your life! I miss you and hope Life's great for you!

  3. Oh that made me laugh out loud and then shutter a little. Hilarious.