Monday, August 2, 2010

Dear Future Children,

Your mom rocked today.

Today was just a fabulous day. Nailed my intern presentation in the executive boardroom at L'Oreal. The boardroom with the perfect view of the Empire State building. Fell a little bit more in love with this amazing city that I will be so sad to leave in two weeks. Got my hair cut and colored for free (thank you test salon). Upgraded to first class on my long flight to SLC on Wednesday. Holla! Finally a long flight upgrade! One day closer to seeing the hubs:)

Great. Day.


  1. Way to go Ashley!!!! That's GREAT news!!! I am so excited for you! So what happens when they offer you a job?!

  2. We get to see you guys soon! We're so happy... and sad you won't be here for BYU sports this next year!

  3. You WILL be seeing me when you get here. That is an order.