Monday, November 23, 2009

We are still alive!

Hi all!
Wow, life has been so crazy over the past month! Chris and I went to California about 3 weeks ago to visit my Grandma and see the San Jose Sharks cream the Colorado Avalanche (extremely good times:). We also hung out on the beach one day and spent Halloween night watching little kids in downtown Los Gatos run around. It was so fun to go and to be able to take a little break.

When we got back we hit the ground running. Chris has been busy working as a sub at the MTC and finishing up an online class that he needs to graduate in a month and I have been slammed with advertising projects and a certain contest called L'Oreal Brandstorm. My team and I made it to the campus finals and have been running around like crazy trying to get a 12 minute presentation and product design done. Along with about a million other little details. We present December 1st for L'Oreal and some Diesel people (that was the brand we had to storm) with 4 other teams. The winner goes to nationals in New York sometime next spring. We have had so much fun doing the competition and realllllly want to win! Wish us luck!!

In other news:
-I'm a baker. Somehow I can't stop baking now! Sometimes I'll make TWO things in one day or at the same time...
-In-N-Out opened in Provo. Wow, the drive through line is always about 50 cars long and the inside is packed 24-7. Justin was nice enough to treat us to some on opening day. DE LISH.
-We leave for Colorado today or tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Really looking forward to the break and some fun times!
-I found a very part part time job working a couple weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas at Christmas Tree Lots. Haha! I'm way excited! Our landlord's dad owns a bunch around here and so I will be cashiering for them. Should be a fun way to get in the holiday spirit.
-I have gotten Chris hooked on Greys Anatomy. Haha! He loves it! We have started back at the beginning of the show and are slowly working our way up to the present season. It's really fun.
-Chris and I teach Gospel Essentials/Principles in our ward. It has been really fun so far! We get to team teach, I bring treats, and our small class always gets into great discussions. Sidenote-our ward is awesome and we are loving it!
-We may know soon where we will be going after I graduate in April! It's still pretty up in the air but we have some options that are coming up. We're really excited to go somewhere new when our time here in Provo is done for a whole new adventure. I've been busy looking up ad agencies in potential cities that I could do my internship at.
-We have loved dinners that I have made from Dream Dinners. That place is a lifesaver. Such yummy food!

Hopefully all of the craziness will die down at least a little bit as school begins to wrap up for the semester and I get done with Brandstorm. We are having so much fun being married! Life is so good:)