Our Story

I am a west coast girl turned southern belle with time spent on both coasts and, more recently, in the middle. Chris is a Colorado native with a love for the sweet south and the rugged west.

Chris and I met at BYU (that loveliest and most unique of meeting places) in January of 2008. We dated for a year and a half and spent two long summers apart. It was a major bummer, believe me.

After we got married in August of 2009 I thought foolishly that we would be togetha foreva. WRONG.

In February of 2010, newly graduated Chris left for an adventure in southern Florida while I stayed in Utah to finish school. I then headed to the Big Apple for an adventure of my own.

After a few months together in Florida/Georgia, we moved to Denver, Colorado to start new jobs and a new life in the Mile High City. Two years later we have loved Denver but have still spent a significant amount of time apart as Chris has traveled every week for work the better part of the time we've spent here.

Through our time spent apart, we have come to appreciate each other even more and cherish the time we spend together. We love being home but we also LOVE to travel and explore new places together. We have just welcomed our baby boy Jackson into our family and are looking forward to what the future has in store for us! We can't wait!

We love life, we love each other, we love our faith, our baby boy and our spunky Shiba Inu. We love our layovers.

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