Wednesday, April 27, 2011


For Easter we drove the little drive over to Grand Junction to celebrate with Chris's parents. We had a rainy and relaxing weekend with lots of yummy food! On Saturday we had the traditional ham, potatoes and rolls and on Sunday I made a traditional passover dinner with lamb and barley.
Cooking Sunday dinner

All the food

Hope everyone had a very happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Green Mountain

Saturday we went on a hike. The weather was beautiful and after conquering the 2.9 mile loop right by our apartment, we considered ourselves up to something a bit more challenging. According to the internet, the hike was going to be an in-and-out 4.5 miler. Perfect. We ended up doing the loop. It was 6.5 + miles. It was kind of an accident. We were dead.
On our way up the mountain. We climbed almost 1,000 feet! It was NOT a gradual climb.
The top of Green Mountain and the view to the North. The view was definitely worth  the climb. 
The view to the Southwest. Gorgeous. Can you spot the snow caps in the distance? 
Downtown Denver to my right. 
Beautiful day. 
FInally heading down (and allllll around the mountain) and realizing that the hike was NOT 4.5 miles. 
Treated ourselves to some crab to celebrate our survival.
We have a sweet backyard.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Deep in the Heart

A couple of weeks ago we realized that we would have a little intermission between Chris's then current project and his next one. We decided to take a trip. We decided to go to Texas to visit Chris's mission. We went. We had a blast.
A snowy window on our detour through Salt Lake and our cozy Exit Row with ample leg room for our short little legs.
Chris and his very first rental car (cute) and me excited to be in San Antonio.
The old 8th Ward building and us starting our drive up to Austin.
We drove through hill country on our way up to Austin and stopped at THE BEST BBQ place called the Salt Lick.
Touring around Austin: The capitol building, DK Royal Stadium and the University of Texas bell tower.
My first Whataburger. It exceeded all expectations.
Some more of Chris's old mission apartments. Ghetto central on the bottom left.
Downtown San Antonio at night.
The Alamo!
Sunday Love.
Chris wanted to find an old member he had been close with and knocked some random doors to try and find him (maybe for old time's sake?). We finally found him! Brother Perez!
We drove down to Corpus Christi to check it out and visit the Lee family (and the ocean!).
Chris with the Bezzants (minus the kids). We had such a fun night with them eating tacos, chatting and lots of Just Dance on the Wii. Such a fun family!
Lunch at Taco Cabana.
A view of the San Antonio area from the Temple parking lot.
Definitely brought all of our temple stuff and definitely found out the temple was closed for cleaning. Bummer.
Our last night I had to hide a whole bag of Whataburger and a peanut butter jar of salsa from our shuttle driver in my purse. It took some skill.

It was such a fun trip to take and I loved getting to meet so many amazing people that were and are such an important part of Chris's life for those two years. I am thankful everyday that Chris chose to serve a mission and that he had so many great experiences while out in the field. I'm also very excited to serve a mission with him someday! Long live Texas.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Its Finally Baseball Season!

Yep, you guessed it... more games!! This is getting ridiculous, huh? 
Nuggets game with Chris's Coworkers
Rockies opening weekend! Scored some free tickets from Chris's cousin!

Downtown D-Town
Coors Field