Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Does it look like we had a fun weekend? Because boy did we.
Chris and I started the weekend early with a trip downtown to see Les Mis (Merry Christmas to me!) Friday Chris got off work a little bit early and Jax and I met him for some delicious Pho.
We spent Saturday morning wandering around the Cherry Creek Farmers Market with Rebecca and Jason (and didn't take any pictures unfortunately) and then Jax and I played while Chris met up with some friends for a round of golf.
Aren't Sundays the greatest when its a three day weekend? After church we relaxed and enjoyed some family snuggles (Joey included of course) before I threw myself into preparing a Sunday feast complete with some of our favorite foods.
Monday we enjoyed the day off by spending the entire day outside. We met up with the Kellys and Hills at Castlewood Canyon State Park for hiking, creek wading, grilling and soaking up the summer (finally!) sun.
Needless to say, Tuesday morning was a huge bummer. Love this little family on mine!

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