Thursday, May 16, 2013

Four Months

Behind again... Or right on time? Two weeks late seems to be the new normal, at least I'm consistent! Jackson turned four months old on May 1st while we were in Hawaii (post to come soon hopefully!). Time is going wayyyy too quickly but I think this age has been my favorite so far. Over the past several weeks Jax has become tons more alert, interactive and vocal. His little personality is shining though and he is such a happy and easy baby. In his fourth month Jax took his first flights and traveled to Utah and Hawaii like a champ. We are both so obsessed with this little person and miss him when it's bedtime every night. I just can't get enough.

At Four Months Jax:
Weighs 12lbs 8oz (TINY!)
Is 24 3/4 inches long
Rolls from back to front with ease and then sometimes continues back onto his back the other way
Laughs out loud
Blows lots of raspberries
Sleeps consistently in his crib
Loves looking in the mirror
Smiles at everyone
"Talks" all the time
Loves sucking on his hands but has chosen his left thumb as his favorite finger
Reaches for and grabs things given to him
Loves to put everything in his mouth
Drools a LOT
Enjoys chewing on our fingers
Has eyes that have almost turned all the way brown
Has hair that is looking more and more blonde

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