Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Quick Trip to Austin

A few weeks ago Chris found out that he had to be down in Texas to train some people in a few different cities. We quickly took advantage of the situation and found me a ticket down for a quick weekend of house hunting. And by house I mean apartment. Hooray for a return to student life! But in all seriousness we are really excited. And we found an awesome place super close to campus! Even though I was only really there for 48ish hours, it was fun to drive around and explore our new home to be.
Jax and I did great on our first solo flight despite a blowout at 30,000 feet but boy, were we glad to see Daddy.
Chris took us to the edge of campus for a stop into The Co-Op. Holy moly. Imagine anything that could be branded with a Texas logo and then multiply it by ten. Everything from every kind of piece of clothing to Texas duct tape and Texas Yahtzee. Amazing.
Chris's friend from his intern days with the Houston Astros was nice enough to let us stay at his family's lake house on Lake Austin. It was a gorgeous place to enjoy some beautiful Texas spring weather and it was fun to see him again and meet his sweet girlfriend.
Jax was a trooper and slept in his car seat the two nights we were there. He also enjoyed some quality outdoor time (quickly becoming one of his favorite things) and we had fun watching daddy try to hit some golf balls across the lake.
Before heading out on the rest of our house hunt, Chris took me out for Mother's Day brunch. We ate at a fun place downtown and even got to sit outside.
Moving is hard. As excited as we are for our next chapter, we both had separate moments of sadness where it kind of hit us that we're really leaving Denver. Luckily it's an easy flight and we have friends and family that have promised to visit. And we'll all be together. And that's whats most important.

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  1. You're living a dream! Sounds like everything is working out well for you guys and your little boy is darling!