Thursday, May 16, 2013

Jackson's First Baseball Game

Warning: This was a BIG DEAL to us so there are a lot of pictures of pretty much the same thing coming up. But they're all adorable so come on!:)

We are definitely a sports family - that's what happens when your husband knows everything about everything (and I mean everything) going on in the sports world and has even worked for two professional baseball teams as well as one minor league team and one college team.

So, naturally we've been very excited to take our little American boy to his first baseball game. Lucky for us we got to go with some of our great friends and also lucky for us, we saw an amazing game!

The night after our red eye back from Hawaii we met up with the group (plus Dane and Aimee in from Boston - hooray!) for dinner at Cafe Rio (of course) and a game on Blake Street between the Rockies and the Rays.

Jax ended up sleeping most of the game and being a tinnnny bit cranky for the rest of it - poor kid was jet lagged and confused about why we went from extremely warm to annoyingly cold in 24 crazy hours. The game was a great Rockies win complete with two home runs, a grand slam and a final score of 9 - 3. Can't wait to go to another one soon!

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