Thursday, August 29, 2013

The 4th

We were so lucky to have Chris's brother, Ryan and his wife, Tiffany come to visit us over the 4th of July! The weekend was full of yummy food, pool and golf time, a trip to the zoo and of course some loving on Jax. We always have a great time when we're all together and can't wait to see them in Utah in a little over a week!
Jackson continues to be a huge water baby. We wore him out good and he even took a nap by the pool while mommy and auntie got some much needed sun.
The night of the 4th we drove down to Colorado Springs to meet up with some friends for a party. It was so fun to see everyone! This was the 2nd year in a row that CO has had a fireworks ban on the 4th so we watched the big NYC show on TV and called it good. Oh, and Tiffany and I made a really awesome American flag fruit pizza. YUM.
Love my all-American boy.
While the boys golfed, Tiffany and I took Jax to the zoo for the first time! It was so fun to watch him look at things and tell him all about the different animals. We had a great time!
Chris and Ryan got to golf twice over the weekend. The center picture is an actual shot that Chris took a phone picture of and tweeted to Nike as part of a 4th of July contest. He won a free limited edition American Flag wedge! There were only six made! This kid wins more stuff than anyone I know.
So this is a good story. After golf and the zoo, Tiffany borrowed my car to go to a family wedding downtown. We had just recently started leaving Jax's carseat in the car and carrying him in and out of the apartment without it and wouldn't ya know it, I totally spaced the fact that his carseat was still in the car. So Chris, Ryan and I were starving and had no way of transporting the baby to dinner (we were dying for Larkburger). Chris decided that we could just take the lightrail that was right by our apartment up three stops to near the restaurant and then walk the rest of the way. So we did. But I also left the stroller in my car. And the baby carrier. So we had to carry Jax the whole way to and from the lightrail stop. It's close-ish... Anyway, the food was way worth it and we had fun feeling like we were big city people in the suburbs of Denver:)
We explored a new area of Denver with a hike at Roxborough State Park. We had never been there and it was fun to see some new scenery with all of the red rocks. Jax fell right to sleep in his Baby Bjorn.
After our hike we hit up Snooze. Because let's face it... no trip to Denver is complete without a delicious brunch. Jax obviously agrees. Such a fun weekend!

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  1. Great pics!! Looks so fun!! Love the all-American boy sacked out :))