Sunday, August 25, 2013


At the beginning of June, Jax and I traveled out to the Bay Area for my good friend (and former roommate) Stacie's wedding.

And since I couldn't go all the way to California for just a weekend, I stayed for ten days with my G'ma. And since I knew it would be even more of a party in Cali if my mom was there, she came out. And since my dad works in L.A. half of the time, of course he came up and joined us. And since Justin and Tyler were in Utah and so close at school, it only made sense for them to come meet up with everyone. And then because Chris was lonely without his stellar wife and adorable baby around he flew out too.

But seriously, that's kind of how all of the planning actually went down. Molinaro family dominos. So naturally we had a very fun few days on the sunny west coast.
On the first night Jax, G'ma and I hit up Sprinkles, a wedding reception and a food truck festival. We know how to party.
Stacie's wedding was so beautiful and she made a gorgeous bride! Don't you think?? It was amazing to see her and also see and catch up with former roommate Rachel and her husband Ben. We had a pretty fantastic time.
Pool time! Jackson loves the water. It was so fun taking him in the pool I spent so much time in as a kid.
Friends, family and food!
Jax loves his GiGi.
Big Basin Redwood Park! Chris had never been to visit the redwoods and the rest of us hadn't been in forever so it was really fun to go and see them.
After the Redwoods we hit up Capitola for a quick slice of Pizza My Heart (the salt air makes it best!) and a stroll on one of our favorite beaches.
We even got to see some of the Play Group! They were so sweet and had a potluck dinner so we could see everyone. It was so fun to introduce baby Jax to everyone. Love these people!
Jax's first Giants Game!
We saw a great one! Extra inning nail-biter win.

I sure love when the family gets together. We can do nothing or a lot and still have the best time. I loved getting to take Jackson to my original home. Can't wait to go back soon!

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