Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Six Months

Yes I'm behind. Jax is actually now almost 8 (8?!?!) months old! But this time I have a fabulous excuse. An excuse named Austin. The Texas Austin. And the fact that we moved and are still very much not settled and that life kind of just happened for a while without me being able to write about it.
Anyway, on July 1st Jackson turned 6 months old! This was a tough one for me. How was my cuddly, squishy little baby already a whole half of a year old?? Six is so much older than five and really opens the door right up to seven, eight and so on.
Jax was so fun at this age. Looking back now I can't believe how far he's come since his 6 month birthday but I can also tell that this was the beginning of the big-time fun that was coming soon. I can't imagine my life without these perfect little cheeks.

At Six Months Jax:
Weighs 15 lbs 10 oz
Is 26" long
Loves petting and being licked by Joey
Can hold his own bottle to feed himself
Can be the tiniest bit of a drama king sometimes (a very cute drama king)
Hates napping (at this point we almost had it figured out...now he's a napping pro)
Hates getting stuck on his tummy
Loves to eat and smile
Loves to chew on things and rub things on his gums - no teeth yet!
Has started scooting by pulling his knees up with his face on the floor
Is getting a lot more BLONDE hair
Has eyes that are almost all the way brown
LOVES water

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