Sunday, October 24, 2010


You may think that "intermission" is a short twenty to thirty minute break between some kind of show or event. It usually gives you a chance to regroup, stretch your legs and get ready for the next act. Not so in the Bernal household. We're all for the stretching your legs and regrouping thing. But no shot on this whole 20 to 30 minute deal. We believe in extended intermission.

Row 1: Last day in Florida! Hit up Seaworld on the way out of town. Chris made me go on the roller coasters...I LOVED IT!
Row2: Turner Field for a Marlins-Braves game. We cheered for the Marlins. They lost but we got to sit  in the owner's seats!
Row 3: Spending a lot of time in downtown Roswell, one of my favorite little areas. We ate at Fickle Pickle! Simply the best.
Row 4: Birthday! Celebrated 23 with a cookie cake, visit to Stone Mountain and yummy greek food.
Row 5: Back in downtown Roswell to visit an old Southern Plantation.
Row 6: Birthday dinner number 2 at Two Urban Licks downtown. SO GOOD.
Row 7 & 8: Day in Alabama. Temple in the morning and state fair in the afternoon. Chris dunked the clown, mom won a pink pig and I got to ride the ferris wheel. Caught a bit of Blake Shelton before heading back to GA.
Row 9: Back at Turner Field for a Giants-Braves game. Giants won!! Bobby Cox's last game. Sweet seats.

If you haven't figured it out, Chris and I are currently enjoying a fun and relaxing respite in home sweet Georgia. It has been so awesome to spend time with family and we have done so many fun and crazy things. We HAVE been getting closer to figuring out the next step and should most likely know really soon what that next step is! Just a couple of more interviews to go. Fingers still crossed!

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