Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Fall Break

Mom and Dad and Tyler got to come join Chris and I for our last week in Florida two weeks ago. We had so much fun showing them around Jupiter, taking them to some of our favorite spots and even catching one last Marlin's game. We also of course spent time at the beach, exploring Miami and then drove up to Orlando to visit Universal with front line passes (thanks Dad and NBC!!) Guys, we went to Harry Potter World!!
These pictures are in no particular order (I didn't feel like battling Blogger tonight!)

Mom and Dad gave us the coolest Anniversary gift! A beautiful printed photo book of all of our wedding pictures, so cool!

Ty and I rescued a baby sea turtle and took it to the rescue center

Ty and I at Hogwarts Castle


Blue Man Group. So hilarious.

Twister at Universal
The Monster Book of Monsters

Marlin's vs Mets

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  1. So first of all JEALOUS that you went to HP world. Mad jealousy. Second of all, check out the hottie scratching his (her?) head in your Hogsmeade picture... to the picture's left... red shirt... love it. Third, when we went to see Blue Man Group, I got picked to go on stage and they "played" my ears... it was AWESOME and I'm practically famous now. That's it. Good night.