Sunday, September 19, 2010

Drive and Shout

Geography Question of the Day (I'm a geography minor...You didn't know that. Now you do.):

Why would Chris and Ashley drive all the way from Jupiter Florida (West Palm Beach area) to Tallahassee (<------I finally figured out how to spell it) Florida in one day AND THEN turn around a couple of hours later to drive back to Orlando for the night before driving the last 3 hours back to Planet Jupiter this morning??

Sorry I couldn't find a more colorful map

Maybe its because we are extremely loyal and amazing COUGAR FANS!!!!

(Even when the poor guys are off to a rough start).

Chris sped up every time I tried to take a picture. Rude.
As you can see, victory was mine.
All white Unis!
Imagine the hottest you've ever been and then multiply it by 10.

Once a Coug always a Coug!


  1. good for you guys!! too bad the game was a bust..

  2. You know how I feel about the whole 'BYU' thing, but props to you two for making the journey.