Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Over the Weekend

Soooooo I know it is now WEDNESDAY but I have to have to blog about our weekend because it was one of the great ones. We hosted a "wild" party (or at least the neighbors beneath us thought so...whoops!), went on several walks, took in amazing messages from our church's leaders during General Conference, ate yummy food, kissed yummy baby cheeks, ran fun errands and caught up on some much needed sleep. Three cheers for the weekend!
We started the weekend off right with a lunch date at Pho 888, one of Chris's favorite spots. I had never been or had Pho and I am a major fan! Where has such a warm and yummy bowl of goodness been alllll winter??
On Saturday we ran out between sessions of General Conference to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk down the street and grab some frozen yogurt from one of our favorite places. Have you seen the dividers some places have now?? Holy best idea ever! Perfect for sharing.
After conference we ran some fun errands and visited one of our Saturday standards - the golf store. I'm a pretty good putter and Chris is a pretty good teacher. As it turns out, Jax is a pretty good watcher.
On Saturday night we decided to try the unthinkable and put Jackson down to sleep in his crib. Up until now this kid has loved lounging in his bouncer to sleep with the occasional stint in the cradle so I was not holding my breath for a successful evening. He did great! He slept in the crib all night and was the happiest little camper Sunday morning. Woohoo! Sorry for the crappy photo but I had to have proof. Now to just get him to sleep through the night...
Sunday we hit the sidewalk again between sessions for another beautiful family walk. Colorado is so pretty, we love it.

Having so much fun is exhausting:)

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