Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Playgroup

I am so excited I can't even sleep! Tomorrow I get to head out to Sacramento and then up to Lake Wildwood for a weekend with 10 families of best friends that I've had all my life. Our moms all met in a pregnancy class and have been best friends ever since. When we were younger we all went to Family Camp in Yosemite every year and then began spending a weekend at the Delta. This year we are headed to the lake and I am so grateful that I get to go! I really wish I had the pictures from when were were all little but here are a few of the last couple years.
Summer 2006- This is several of the kids

Summer 2007 at the Delta

Steph and I
My Playgroup Bridal Shower in Summer 2009. This is a frame with all of the first generation of kid's baby pictures next to their senior pictures.
Most of the girls at the bridal shower
Moms and Daughters
The Sanders came out to Utah for our wedding. This is us being crazy at midnight at Denny's two days before the wedding.
At the pre-wedding BBQ
Steph my Maid of Honor!
When all the Moms came to GA Fall 2010!

Can't wait for tomorrow!!

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