Sunday, March 20, 2011

We like sports, ok?

So you probably know already but hubs and I are big sports fans. Like for reals we laugh because its all we have pictures of from since we've lived here! Its winter guys, what else would we do but go to an insane amount of sports games? On that note, I will proceed to update you on about 3 things all of which involve a sport of some kind.

1) A couple of weeks ago we went to a Denver Nuggets game with a couple of people that Chris works with. My first Nuggets game! We had really great seats about 5 rows up.

2) Last weekend our friends Dane and Aimee Swenson came out for one of Dane's dental school interviews and got to stay with us! We had a lot of fun showing them, and our other friends James and Tracy Heiner who also got to come out from Utah, around the area, watching BYU basketball and hitting up the outlets. And, in keeping with the sports theme, we also went to an Avalanche game. They got killed (again) but we saw a couple of fights and enjoyed the company.

3) This past week Chris had a training for work in San Jose, California. What are the odds?! I more than willingly jumped at the chance to tag along and hang out with my G'ma for the week. We had so much fun shopping, talking, eating, baking, hanging out at home and going to a Sharks game! Hooray!

Spring at Santana Row

Shamrock sugar cookies for St. Patty's Day
Yay! Back at the Tank

The turkey carver sandwiches. Legit-ness.

G'ma and I. (Chris was there, he just took all the pictures) 
Thanks to Facebook places I got to see one of my long lost friends from elementary school!

Sharks Win!!!!
Love my Sharks:)

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  1. Looks like fun! I MISS YOU! Coming to Utah, when?