Friday, March 4, 2011

Photo Op

Hello friends. A lot seems to have gone on in the last few weeks! Soooooo...picture dump time. Hoorah!

Hockey Love...those poor is most definitely not their year

We're REALLY good at riding the lightrail

BYU-CSU basketball game


Cougar pride

BYU-Airforce Basketball game

More Jimmertime

Thats how we roll

Me as an was FREEZING

PomPom Beanie Love

They left the asparagus in my risotto after I very clearly requested it was left out... I wrote them a message with the pieces

MORE fire alarms

Valentine's Dinner: Filet mignon with balsamic strawberries, bruschetta, creamy parmesan risotto and some pomegranate Martinelli's


On our way to the Avs game on Valentines

My lovely tulips:)

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  1. We have the same place mats!! :) You guys are too cute! I love reading your blog. Haha.