Monday, April 12, 2010

neither here nor there

i am moving soon. moving and not coming back. i have moved several times before but this one feels different. this time i'm actually moving on. i'm finishing school and leaving provo. it's a really weird feeling to be leaving here. i feel like i finally figured this place out!
i'm a little bit stuck now though. i do laundry and don't know if i should even bother hanging it up and putting it away. i'm just going to fold it up and put in a box next week. i will be eating totally random dinners the next two weeks to try to get rid of my interesting collections of food in the cupboards and freezer. i look at my dishes and kitchen and realize that i will be moving but not having any of my stuff with me until further notice. it will all go into storage at my parent's house in home sweet georgia.
how weird is that? moving, but not knowing when i'll sit on my couch again, eat off of my dishes again or even sleep in my own bed again. having such a wide open future is kind of scary but also incredibly exciting. its weird to be finishing up with school but it feels like time. i know i'll miss it here: teachers, friends, little hangout spots, the beautiful mountains, being in such a good place filled with people who believe the same things i do. so for now i think that i will just focus on the fact that i get to see chris next week and spend the wonderful month of may with just him and me...and maybe go hang those clothes up.


  1. YOU are so silly. I am sending this picture to be printed at WalMart... now.

  2. Ashley! That totally made me sad! We're going to miss you! (Even though we don't see you enough!) I guess we'll see you in Florida. And... I'll be writing a similar post in a year!