Monday, April 5, 2010

blog probs, weekend wanderings, randoms

i have a blog prob. i am constantly, and i mean CONSTANTLY writing blogs in my head. in my head i have a very interesting and frequently updated blog. now to just get all of my brilliant head posts onto my real life blog...

i was lucky enough to get to go visit the hubs down in south florida about a week ago!
day 1: woke up to find a nordstrom staring me in the face outside the hotel room window. walked over to check out the amazing mall. dinner with chris at cool'a fishbar, de-lish.
day 2: headed to the bank and the beach. drove around jupiter inlet onto jupiter island, checked out the lighthouse and soaked up some vitamin D with a good book. quick stop at the marlins bowling charity benefit to meet the chris's coworkers and dinner at the cheesecake factory.
day 3: sleeping in and meeting chris at roger dean stadium for a marlins vs. astros game with a win for the fish.
day 4: wifely duties day. laundry, dry cleaning, gas and grocery store runs. all this stuff made me feel just a little bit better about leaving, knowing chris had all the random stuff he doesn't have time to do taken care of.

needless to say it was amazing to get to see chris after a month apart. it was hard to leave again but in a matter of 2ish weeks i get to see him and then head out to florida YES. plus, spring training is now officially over, another YES, which hopefully means more normal hours and a day off here and there. jupiter is one of the most beautiful places i've been in the southern U.S. it's also one of the nicest places i think i've been! gorgeous hotels, oceanside mansions, beautiful boats, and almost nothing but luxury cars crawling all over the place. loved it.

this past weekend i got to head out to san jose to visit my g'ma and go to some of ryan's baseball games with jim, marlys and tiffany!
day 1: drive to santa cruz with the whole group to do some rainy coastline touring complete with natural bridges, boardwalk views, capitola and pizza my heart. canceled baseball game. dinner and pizzoukie at BJ's. YUM.
day 2: general conference. baseball game vs san jose state with a cougar win! stroll around santana row and an early dinner with g'ma j. glimpses of sun finally. food network love.
day 3: easter!! complete with bunny sighting in the backyard, yummy holiday brunch with the cousins and more general conference. wonderful day. wonderful trip!

it was really fun to be able to see my g'ma. i love her! we have a good time no matter what we're doing and always have good convos. i am excited to see her again soon at graduation! it was also great to be able to hang out with jim, marlys, ryan and tiffany! we had so much fun! thanks again to jim and marlys for flying me out!!

headed to az on wednesday night to hijack tyler's spring break with the fam
missing ga home
missing chris
missing justin already (he leaves in just over a month)
going a little crazy with the end of school but hanging in there!
still nowhere to live in nyc
seriously need to find some motivation to get me through the next few weeks
excited for the summer
sick of the never ending snow in ut (it snowed AGAIN today)

well it feels good to have that all out of my head. i promise to try to be more consistent so whoever reads this stuff doesn't have to wade through a novel (sorry to whoever might still be with me!). but for now i am tired. adios!

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  1. i'm still with you. and i'm excited for our reunion today. together we can get through these last few weeks. and then.. graduation!