Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Move

We don't move like normal people. Sure moves are hard. I've done my fair share of moving. And since we've been married we've moved four times not counting this last one. But still... we don't move like normal people. This move was rough. Something at every single stage went wrong. And mostly they were kind of big things. Like not having anywhere to live. Or paying an extra month of rent because of a mistake, etc. etc. Here's how the last little bit of time in dear old Denver shaped up along with the first few days in Austin.
Jax joined the foodie community shortly after we got back from Atlanta. He loves food. Like a lot.
Chris's parents visited us one last time from across the mountains. We took Jax to the Denver Aquarium, ate yummy food and they were a huge help with bringing us tons of boxes and packing almost our entire kitchen! Thanks guys!!
We spent the last bits of time we could with friends. We really miss our friends in Denver. It's a bummer for sure. We also hunted boxes. A LOT of boxes. I am proud to say that between what Chris's parents brought us and the ones we drove all around the metro area snagging from Craigslist postings, we didn't buy a single box.
Process shots, family pictures, an empty apartment and Chris and my dad driving away with everything that we owned. My parents came out the last week we were in Denver and oh my gosh they were such a huge help. My mom watched Jax while I packed and then we switched. She helped me run all of our last minute errands and get all of our last minute things wrapped up. My dad helped us pack the truck and drove it all the way to Texas while Chris followed in our car (we are now a one car family!). Couldn't have done it without them!
My mom and I flew to Austin to meet the boys and we had a really fun first weekend in Austin touring around and checking things out. Also, it was SUPER hot. Cue Chris putting Jax in the freezer at Target. That picture that looks like an unfinished apartment is just that. And exactly how we found our supposed residence when we arrived in the Lone Star State. We had known that we would be spending at least a week in a hotel but we ended up staying a little longer than we thought. Details in the next post!

The last little bit in Denver and the first bit in Austin is kind of a huge blur now but I do remember that it was stressful and that we couldn't have done any of it without our awesome parents. Thanks to everyone that helped us and Denver, we miss you!

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