Sunday, December 18, 2011

Snorkeling and Stuff

On our second day in Belize we went snorkeling! We started the morning with some fishing for lunch, snorkeled at a special less known spot, went to a private island to cook up our lunch, stopped to explore neighboring island Caye Cocker and finished up by snorkeling at Shark-Ray Alley and Hol Chan Marine Reserve.
Ty caught a Barracuda for lunch!
The best snorkeling I've ever done. The water was so warm and SO clear!
Petting sharks and rays at Shark-Ray Alley. So crazy!
Our private little island.
Lunch! Barracuda, fresh Lobster and Conch. (P.S. if you ever get the chance to drink Pineapple Fanta, DO IT)
Caye Cocker.
After our long day on the water we headed to downtown San Pedro for some delicious food on the beach and exploring the city center.
Right after dinner we ran into Carvin' Marvin, a local we saw interviewed on HGTV House Hunters International right before we went down to Belize. He was a crack up. The picture on the right is Chris being mobbed by the local kids. Typical.

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