Friday, November 4, 2011

New York, New York

Well hello everyone! Yes, Chris and I are alive. Somehow the last month has been really really crazy busy. It actually hasn't slowed down at all either but I'm taking a minute to try to update anyway. So we went to New York! It was about a month ago now but it was an awesome trip with Chris's parents. The weather was perfect and the city was just a wonderful as ever.

Flying in style with a whole row to myself. The only way to go.
Arriving in the Big Apple!
As soon as we dropped our stuff off we were off to Chris and I's favorite NYC restaurant: Cuba.
Then we headed over to Popbar for dessert. Gelato on a stick...yes please!
Times Square
Hitting some favorites right off the bat. Magnolia's Bakery for Banana Pudding, up 5th Avenue, The Today Show Studios, Madison Avenue, Broadway, etc.
And of course, 30 Rock.

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