Monday, September 12, 2011

Girl's Weekend

This past weekend my mom and Chris's mom came out to visit me for a fun girl's weekend!
On Saturday we hit up the Cherry Creek farmers market voted best in Colorado! There was amazing produce, local food trucks, ethnic food stands and plenty of local treats. I can't believe I haven't been all summer. Luckily it goes through October. I'll be back Cherry Creek!
Mom the Southern Peach with a delicious plate full of Colorado peaches- right from Chris's hometown. I hate to say it but the Colorado peaches are the best by far. Also, who knew that edamame beans grew like that?!
Mom and Marlys with an alien plant also known as Kohlrabi.
The market!
Dinner plate sized sweet rolls and a waffle cakes stand. I have to try these when I go back. They looked amazing!
After the market we hurried over to one of my favorite cupcake places, Big Fat Cupcake.
Then came the main event! Les Miserables!! I have been wanting to see this play for forever and finally it worked out to go. I LOVED it. It definitely lived up to my expectations and the cast was fabulous.
After the play we headed home for some burgers and BYU football. Thats where Chris was this weekend! He went down to Texas to stay with a friend he made while working with the Astros and had a great time in Austin even though we lost.
We had so much fun over the weekend chatting, snacking, laughing and just hanging out. Thanks for such a fun time ladies!! Let's do it again soon!!

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