Monday, July 11, 2011

Gateway Getaway

Friday evening Chris and I jumped in the car and headed to Grand Junction for the weekend for the wedding of one of Chris's cousins. We got into town and headed straight to visit our friends Dane and Aimee. We were there pretty late once we all got to talking and had a lot of fun getting to catch up. Saturday morning Chris, his dad Jim and Dane went golfing. When they got back we headed down to Gateway, CO for the wedding. Gateway Canyons is a resort that the owner of Discovery Channel developed several years ago as the next ritzy western retreat. Unfortunately the bad economy hit and the resort is pretty underused. It was still a gorgeous venue for an outdoor wedding.
Beautiful scenery. It almost looked like somewhere in Arizona.
After the ceremony.
Some of the resort.
 After the reception we headed back to Grand Junction and then enjoyed the rest of the night and next morning relaxing. Then we had some yummy teriyaki kabobs for lunch and headed home. Please note: this trip was the first time I have ever seen the Denver to Grand Junction-Grand Junction to Denver drive not in the snow. It was beautiful.
The Colorado River was so high the whole drive. Here it is bright red and muddy in Glenwood Canyon.
I love roadtripping with my love.
The Rockies are simple the best.

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