Monday, June 20, 2011

St. Mary's Glacier

On Tuesday we hit the road and took a daytrip to Idaho Springs to check out St. Mary's Glacier. Because Chris will probably correct me (again:) I'll go ahead and clarify that the "glacier" isn't really a glacier because apparently it doesn't move. So, it is officially dubbed a "perennial snow-field." Glacier sounds cooler.
Driving to Idaho Springs
Haha they pretty much had an "on your honor" pay system. We made a check out to the "glacier"

It was a pretty rocky trail.

The glacier!
The coolest part was how the glacier's lake was literally just right there. It was gorgeous.

To the left of me is some strange little creature we found. It almost looked like a prairie dog. We named him Chubs.

Going up the mountain on the snow wasn't too bad but going down was a little iffy.
Almost falling down.
A look back up at one of the rockiest parts of the trail. 
Headed back down the mountain.
Pretty waterfall on the way down.
Smelly loves the mountains.
Our stop in Evergreen on the way home.
The Evergreen Lake.
We also stopped at Red Rocks.

I HAVE to see a concert here. Its so pretty!

After some quick showers to get the dust off we hit up Peachwave, one of our favorite yogurt places and then caught Water for Elephants at the theater.

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  1. I love the sign that says that fatalities occur every year! You guys are courageous!