Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CatchUP: Legend of the Wedding Cake

 Once there was a beautiful wedding cake that a very happy couple enjoyed on their wedding day (8.25.09).  As is the tradition, the couple was sure to save the top layer, pack it away carefully and stick it in the freezer for 1 year from that day...
The bride's father drove her car all the way from Utah to Georgia 8 months later and hand carried the frozen cake back with him where it was placed in the family freezer...
Alas, the 1 year anniversary of the cake's debut came and went as the couple was living temporarily in South Florida.
A month after the anniversary the couple moved into the family home in Georgia for a few months and quickly got busy playing and forgot about the cake.

 Two days before the couple's scheduled departure from Georgia, the cake was finally fished out of the family freezer and put to ceremonial good use.

 Happy 1 year 4 months to us!

Cheers!  The end.

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