Tuesday, May 18, 2010

oh the joys

lets hear it for living in a hotel!
This morning we woke up to the lovely sound of the fire alarm and a friendly voice over the intercom telling us that "an emergency" had been reported.
We made our way out to the parking lot in the front of the hotel as a huge fire truck pulled up and a front desk employee met the fire people (there were men and even a firewoman) with a "Hi, sorry, it was a waffle iron." Lame.
As for the lame thing of the afternoon, I came back to a note under the door saying that due to some random thunderstorm last night the gas is out until further notice. This means ZERO hot water. Neat-o.
This also conveniently closed just about every restaurant around us.
Oh and the airlines left my bag in Atlanta last night.
We are having an adventure. And despite all of these lame things, I am loving it.

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  1. wow... I just became really grateful for my ghetto apartment.