Sunday, February 14, 2010

silver bullets

In the last week...
  • Went to New York for L'Oreal's recruitment weekend and an interview. Fell in love with the company and the people and had an AMAZING few days. Cross fingers please!
  • Watched the Super Bowl on a plane with discounted internet with two sport's crazed boys on 3 different laptops (they kept dying) with a 6 way headphone splitter with a crappy connection. Definitely a unique way to catch it!
  • Picked Ty up from the airport...PARTY! He is finally officially taller than me. haha
  • Had Justin's freshmen crew over for ice cream sundaes and the opening of his mission call. Holy cow I was so nervous! He will be serving in the California Los Angeles Mission speaking Spanish! We have dubbed it the surfer mission and are SO excited! I have been blessed with an amazing family and am so proud of Justin. He will be an amazing missionary.
  • Went on a quest for cheap mexican food with J & T. Mission somewhat successful.
  • Video conferenced with Nestle/Butterfinger in southern CA. Holy awesome experience! We are excited to get feedback from them!
  • Went to see Valentine's Day with Chris and LOVED it.
  • Went snowshoeing with the cousins and the brothers.
  • Went to the BYU vs. Air force basketball game.
  • Went to a Valentine's dinner at Tucanos with Chris, Justin and Tyler, Ryan and Tiffany and Chris's parents! We had a lot of fun and it was really good to see Jim and Marlys.
  • Came home to find quite the treat on the bed......A NEW PHONE!! Chris totally surprised me and got me the Droid Eris.... the phone I've been pining over since it came out. I LOVE it!
It has been a bit of a busy week. I am excited for a day off tomorrow! Happy Heart's Day!

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