Sunday, October 25, 2009

Two Whole Months

Coming out of the temple! We walked up the stairs with Elder Nelson!!

My homegirls:)

Cutting the cake...I seriously only got a bite! The reception was so fun but such a blur.

Leaving the reception to a bunch of bubbles.
The last two months have been so amazing. We have been able to grow together and share so many fun times. Our families have helped us out so much and been so great. We are having so much fun being married! I love you Chris!

P.S. I want my wedding pictures. Kind of a ridiculously longggggg wait, right????


  1. Ash! SO happy for you! Glad you're loving life :)
    We must catch up soon!!

  2. love your dress!
    love your wedding hair too!
    you look so happy!
    cute pics.